Residual Income – The New IRA


Once you create something that is uniquely yours, you can sell it over and over and continue to receive revenue. This could be a book, an audio or song, a course, or some other digital product.


Endorsing products you know and like that belongs to someone else. You are basically advertising for them and getting a percentage kickback for your effort. Many products are taking this grassroots approach to marketing. It’s a win-win situation. This is an automated process because the technology allows the seller to know when a customer originated from someone else’s web link. The products do not cost any more than it would if it was purchased directly from the owner.


When you endorse someone else’s products that are in your same industry. This means you send a notification to your mailing list about a product or event that someone else is offering and that your audience may be interested in. You would get a kickback for sales and you create a relationship whereby you indirectly allow them to take advantage of your mailing list. When you have an offer that they endorse, you get to take advantage of their mailing list without selling the list or doing anything unethical.


This industry has always been a viable way to earn money. Companies like Mary Kay, Amway, Avon, and many others continue to be profitable but care must be taken in choosing the right direct sales company. Some have been run with an atmosphere of greed and they end up going out of business. Be sure to research carefully before investing in a direct sales company.