I Am an Energist

There I said it, “I am an energist.” Personally, I love being an energist because it means I have the tools to master my emotions. When I feel low and out of alignment with the way I prefer to feel, I know how to change it. I also love sharing these tools and this information to help you do the same.

Most people probably never heard of Energists but it’s about time we come out of the closet and say it like it is.

What is an Energist?

A person who is trained on the energy body and understands how to help it stay healthy.

What is the energy body?

It’s an electric-like aura in and around the physical body where life force energy flows. There are passageways within the body for energy to flow called meridians. There are booster wheels called Chakras that can change size and spin in either direction to help modulate the proper flow of energy. Sometimes energy can build up and become congested and other times there is not enough energy flowing.

Why can’t I see the energy body?

Some people can but for others it takes training and practice. Some people can also see different colors associated with the energy. Most people can feel energy and that’s what really matters.

What does it take to have a healthy energy body?

  • The energy body needs a healthy, highly oxygenated and hydrated physical body.
  • The energy body flows best when the body has enough movement.
  • The mind gets peaceful, intentional rest (as in meditation).
  • The mind dwells in positive, loving, uplifting thoughts.

Why is the energy body important?

Because the energy body determines how we feel emotionally and physically.

Tell me more!

All emotions have a vibration; some are high and some are low. The high vibrating emotions such as love, joy, gratitude and compassion lead to good health, resourcefulness, creativity and achievement. The low vibrating emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and contempt cause tightness and constrictions that can lead to health problems in addition to low motivation, apathy and feeling stuck. If a highly charged emotional event occurs, it can stay stuck in the energy body causing a disturbance and sometimes a blockage in the energy system. E-motions are meant to move through us. When we keep it alive by re-living it with thoughts, words, visualizations and actions, it can get stuck.