About Me

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Delia. I believe that financial security is an important part of life. It is so stressful to feel the burden of barely making ends meet or worse being in debt. There are often feelings of guilt for spending money or feelings of shame for making poor financial decisions. I’ve been there, too. Many people are just not very skilled at managing their money. Although money does not buy happiness, lack of money can be very sad and difficult to live with.

We often wonder why money management is not taught in schools starting at a young age (after all, it’s the one thing we all need to know as adults). Maybe the assumption is that it should be taught in the home. It usually ends up happening that way but sometimes it’s the blind leading the blind. Few people are really knowledgeable and clear about the best way to manage money. In addition, there is a strong emotional reaction to money. Money issues are one of the leading causes of divorce. The problems only get worse after divorce because it cost much more to support two households instead of just one. We all want to feel the freedom of knowing that we can, not only afford to satisfy our basic needs, but also enjoy recreation, entertainment, travel and beautiful things.

How I Got Started

Once my kids were old enough to look out for themselves, I went back to grad school to study the subject that I always loved, Psychology. I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy. After several years of working with families and individuals, it became evident that most problems do not happen on a mental level, they are subconscious. I decided that a good way to access the subconscious mind was through hypnosis so I took the training to become certified as a hypnotherapist. From there, I learned about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT enables us to access the subconscious while staying in a conscious state. It was the best of both worlds. I learned more and more about this amazing process and I am now certified as a master EFT practitioner.

Finding My Niche

Once I discovered the power of EFT, I used it on myself for everything. It was also fun to help others and see how amazed they were at how emotional, clear, and calm they became all in matter of minutes. After becoming certified as a Master EFT practitioner, I found a niche that struck me as something very important – MONEY. Money is a powerful energy. Most people would agree that money invokes an array of strong emotions, especially when they worry about not having enough. Perhaps they have been betrayed or cheated, maybe there is jealousy or unpaid loans that led to hard feelings or even estrangement. All these situations can cause blocks in the energy system that keeps affluence at bay.

Tapping into Wealth

As a certified Tapping into Wealth coach, I help clients get clarity about an otherwise mysterious pattern of financial decision making. Decisions that often lead to pain, worry, arguments, sometimes even violence. Our attitude about money starts at a very young age. Even when we think we know what we are doing those early programmed beliefs jump in and hijack our rational decision making mind. The tapping into wealth process starts by diagnosing the problems by using hypnotic-like visualizations. Throughout the process “Emotional Freedom Technique” is used to relax the nervous system and treat the problem so that the client gets clarity, understanding, and often a sense of self-confidence and compassion. He or she feels ready to take inspired action instead of feeling stuck.

Working With Me

The Tapping into Wealth coaching is conveniently done in my Newtown, PA office or by phone or Skype. It’s completely confidential. We start with what is called the “Money Map.” This gives us an overall picture of the different types of money and where there might be problems: Savings, debt, income, income goals, or money traumas. From there we focus on the area that needs the most work. It could take anywhere from a few sessions to several months for people to reprogram their limiting beliefs about money.

I’m a marriage and family therapist, a Master EFT practitioner, and most importantly a Tapping into Wealth Coach. I look forward to working with you to help you shift your unweathful money patterns and create more peace and joy in your life.

I help heal your relationship with money and bring freedom back in your life

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